The Joy of Green Cleaning

Soft Cover Book

A collection of 101 simple DIY cleaning recipes for items you can make at home. By using a few simple ingredients in your pantry, you can remove hundreds of toxic chemicals in your home – making is safer for your family, children and pets.

The Joy of Green Cleaning


The Joy of Green Cleaning has been highlighted on Dr. Oz, Fox News and many other news outlets. The eBook edition mirrors the print edition. As one reader said, “These are simple and inexpensive recipes, and, most importantly, they work!”

Green Cleaning - Kitchen eBook


The Joy of Green Cleaning – Kitchen Edition. Pulling kitchen specific recipes out of the full book edition, this eBook is a great primer to help you remove hundreds of toxic chemicals from your kitchen. It’s time to “clean smart – clean easy.”

Green Cleaning for New Parents


We spend a lot of time and money “baby-proofing” our homes and then call it “good!” But don’t stop there…what better time to focus on creating a non-toxic environment for when we bring home a new little one to brighten our life.

Green Clean Starter Kit

Special Bundle

Everything you need to start greening your cleaning. It includes The Joy of Green Cleaning, the bottles to get your started, a package of Skoy Cloths, two microfiber cloths and an eco sponge. AND a video DVD where I explain each item so you exactly how to use them.

Green Clean Refill Kit

Special Bundle

Now that you’ve tried the best cleaning tools ever, you may need more. I’ve created a refill kit for your original Green Clean Starter Kit. In this refill kit I’ve included a blue cloth, green cloth, 2 eco sponges, a set of Skoy cloths, a set of Skoy scrubs, an extra spray bottle and as an added bonus I’m giving you a DVD of my TV show – Clean Green Living.

Clean Green Living TV

DVD - Episode 1

The show is on Public Access TV around the nation, but you can watch it here at your leisure. In this first episode I show you how to make your home look clean even when it’s not, eight different ways to remove spots from your clothing and how to choose the right broom for your floors.

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