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Get rid of toxins and get your home cleaner than ever.

Discover the joy of green cleaning with Leslie Reichert, The Cleaning Coach.



The harsh fumes and chemical residues of many store-bought cleaners are toxic to your loved ones and pets. We make cleaning safer for your family—and for all of us.


Not only do our cleaning methods work. They work wonders. And with no toxins or carcinogens, it’s a clean that you can feel good about.


Fancy, store-bought “eco” cleaners are expensive. With our techniques, you’ll actually save money.


Most of what you need to clean green is already in your pantry. And we’ll show you other tips and tools that make cleaning faster, simpler—even fun.

What People Are Saying About Leslie Reichert,
“The Cleaning Coach”

Leslie is a necessary resource for learning how to take the toxins out of your home. She is helping families and the world.
Ed Begley Jr.
Ed Begley Jr.
Living with Ed | Planet Green
Leslie has mastered what many of us know but few practice: the art of cleaning naturally, without relying solely on store-bought products, harnessing the power of nature instead.
Sara Snow
Sara Snow.
Author – Sara Snow Fresh Living

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