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Your Green Clean Starter Kit Includes:

  • The Joy of Green Cleaning
    book of cleaning recipes
  • Instructional DVD
  • Eco Sponge
  • Blue glass cleaning cloth
  • Green dusting cloth
  • Spray bottle and shaker

A $70 value, yours for $49


Why make the switch to green cleaning?

I learned the hard way what chemical cleaners can do to your body. At one time, I owned one of the largest home cleaning businesses in central Massachusetts. We cleaned up to 75 homes a week, and I spent hours around harsh chemical cleaners. First, my eyes started burning and my nose and throat would hurt while I was cleaning showers. Eventually, my body’s immune system totally broke down. When I got a small cold, it would turn into pneumonia.

I don’t want what happened to me to happen to you or anyone else in your family.

Now, my mission is to help people like you understand what cleaning chemicals can do to your body—and show you how to clean without harmful toxins.

How I discovered the secrets of green cleaning.

I knew that before the days of harsh commercial cleaners, women made their own cleaning solutions. So I started searching for those recipes. I even found an old laundry soap that my great grandmother used back in the late 1800’s. I got the ingredients, gave it a try—and it worked really well! So I started collecting and testing more old cleaning recipes and put them all together in my book, The Joy Of Green Cleaning.

Now, I travel the country and appear on TV to show people how to green their cleaning. I’ve helped hundreds of women make the switch to safer, healthier cleaning—and save money in the process. I love to hear their success stories:
Mothers who switched to my great grandmother’s Laundry Soap tell me that their children with sensitive skin don’t get rashes or redness anymore. And one woman I met was told she had Lupus. But after she switched to my products, the “Lupus” went away. It turns out she had a severe allergy to the chemicals in her cleaning products.

I want to help YOU change the way you clean, too.

My Green Clean Starter Kit is the perfect way to start. It has a retail value of over $70, but I’m offering it to you for just $49. This is a one-time offer you’ll never see again—on this or any other website! So don’t miss your chance.

My Green Clean Starter Kit includes:

  • THE JOY OF GREEN CLEANING – 99 recipes for highly effective cleaning products you can make at home. You have most of the ingredients in your pantry!
  • ECO SPONGE – This sponge is from Germany wonderful for removing soap scum in your shower and cleaning sinks and countertops – all without chemicals.
  • THE BLUE CLOTH – This cloth replaces your blue glass cleaner and paper towels, and doesn’t leave any streaks, smears or lint. Use it with a little water anywhere you’d normally use glass cleaner: windows, stainless steel, glass fronted appliances, even granite countertops!
  • THE GREEN CLOTH – This cloth replaces your dusting cloth and dust spray, and picks up dust from any surface. Give it a spritz of water for heavier dust.
  • SKOY CLOTHS – These are a cross between a sponge and a paper towel, and can be used over and over. The four pack included in your kit is equivalent to 60 rolls of paper towels. This product alone will save you over $50 dollars!
  • HIGH QUALITY SPRAY BOTTLE – The perfect bottle for your new all-purpose cleaner.
  • HIGH QUALITY SHAKER CONTAINER – This container will hold your new green cleaning scrub so that you can shake it or pour it.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL DVD – Tips for how to mix up your new cleaners and use the products in your kit.

YES! I can’t wait to get started! Please rush me your
Green Clean Starter Kit. I understand that I’m saving
over $21 by taking you up on this very special offer.

Your Green Clean Starter Kit Includes:

    • The Joy of Green Cleaning
      book of cleaning recipes
    • Instructional DVD
    • Eco Sponge
    • Blue glass cleaner cloth
    • Green dusting cloth
    • Spray bottle and shaker

Yours for only …
$70 $49



Happy Green Cleaning!
Your Cleaning Coach,
Leslie Reichert

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