My name is Leslie Reichert

Leslie reichert headshotI’m thrilled you’re here—because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to make a healthier home for our families.

Which means neither of us can avoid one dreaded time-sucker…. research. As a mom, or a mom-to-be,  you don’t have time to worry about researching all the different things you are using in your home.

Well, worry no more. I create simple solutions so that you can take the toxins out of your home. Simply and easily.

Cleaning is a tough chore, but we all have to do it. I’m one of the crazy ones that LOVES cleaning.  (I also love red wine and reading US Magazine in the grocery store checkout line. shhh)

I grew up in western Pennsylvania with a dad who was a chemist and a mom who stayed at home with us kids. My mom took her “job” very seriously and taught me a lot about taking good care of a home. Unfortunately, she never understood that the chemicals she was using to clean with were slowly making her sick.

After growing up and spending some time in corporate America as a banker and insurance investigator, I decided to try being self-employed. I started a house cleaning service and grew it into one of the largest cleaning businesses in Massachusetts. We cleaned over 150 houses a month and were known for our extremely high quality of work.

When you clean that many houses – you have to clean well and clean quickly. Especially in the bathrooms. A bathroom is the hardest room in a house to clean so you need (or so I thought) really powerful chemicals to clean it. I found a chemical called Boraxo to clean the fiberglass tubs. This stuff was awesome – but also very toxic and after years of using it, my immune system started to malfunction. This is what led me to find alternatives that really cleaned cover 2011 reformatted 6-9

And guess what I discovered! Those crazy old recipes that our great-grandmothers used to use where the best alternatives I could find. I scoured everywhere for recipes and ideas to make DIY cleaning products and then tested them. I turned my kitchen into a research lab (my dad was so proud of me).  I ended up with 101 recipes for green cleaning my home. Each one of them worked better than any store bought chemical.  I needed to get the word out about my discovery so I wrote and published a book and called it the Joy of Green Cleaning.


Since then I’ve been traveling the country sharing not only my recipes but also different tools I’ve discovered that remove the need for chemicals.  I’ve done radio, TV dr oz w bannerand recently even was invited to be on the Dr. Oz Show. (yes, he is as nice as he seems on TV).


I believe that once you understand that the chemicals you use in your home can affect your families health, you will want to make some changes around your home.  And I want to “coach” you through it. I have a video series called: The 10 Simple Steps to a Cleaner Greener Home. You can sign up for it right now and we can get started. Together we can change your world, one spray bottle at a time.

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Thanks for stopping by. Helping you is what I do. Here’s to us working together to get you the cleanest, greenest home. For you and everyone in your family!