I’m thrilled you’re here—because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to make a healthier home for our families. I know cleaning is a tough chore and one we all have to do, so I invite you to roam through this site and learn about the multitude of simple solutions that will help you take the toxins out of your home while making it clean for you and your family, simply and easily. And I want to “coach” you through it. To start, I’m going to send you my recipe for a Green Cleaning Scrub.  You can sign up for it right now and we can get started.

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Have you been thinking about going green but just don t know where to start? Or wondering if these green ideas really work? This book is a collection of simple yet proven green recipes to help you clean green in the kitchen. Start by trying one or two and soon you ll be going to your pantry for cleaning solutions instead of the cabinet under the sink. Happy (green) Cleaning! Leslie, The Cleaning Coach This is the first recipe book for green cleaning. By using items found in your pantry, you can create safe and effective cleaners for your home.


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